Easter week: Journeying with Peter and the Disciples II

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Well, what a week! We’re back with the disciples after one of the most amazing weeks of their lives…

In the middle of the night last Thursday we had seen Jesus betrayed by Judas. Never did quite click with him anyway. Strange how the money kept running out.

Jesus had gone away without a fight. Peter has been distracted ever since – something happened in Caiaphas’ house…

The next three days had become a blur. A desperately sad Friday, and then the next 48 hours being one of dazed disorientation. What had happened? Peter had kept himself to himself, only once muttering that Jesus had been right… Peter had lost his nerve, denied that he knew him and the worst thing of all – when the cock crew Jesus had turned and looked straight at him. He couldn’t get that look out of his mind.

And then the extraordinary events of Easter Day – in a moment the tables turning completely. Profound sadness becoming joy – indeed the joy of seeing something in a completely new way. All of a sudden the hope that Jesus had talked about was becoming clear. He had overcome death. He is real, he showed us the wounds he suffered, but he’s now alive and promising peace, and eternal life to all who believe in him.

And then there had been the miracles. Two of our friends had had to leave on Easter day to go back to Emmaus. Jesus had met them on the road although at first they didn’t recognise him. He had explained everything to them and then revealed himself as he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and gave it. (There’s that act again). Then, he had disappeared.

And so this Thursday, we are all in a completely different place to one week ago – now filled with joy and expectation. We are not quite sure how things will turn out, but something good is happening.

Mind you, Peter still has something on his mind. It is as if there is some unfinished business he is chewing over.



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