Breakfast in Bed?

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This morning whilst touching base with my fans on Facebook (joke!) an advert popped up. It was an advert exhorting me to order “McDonald’s Breakfast In Bed”. I must admit that just for a brief moment I was enticed. Then common sense (also known as my wife) stepped in. I cooked my own breakfast in the kitchen and ate it sitting at a table.

However, this advert made me think. It is a long-established habit to have early morning tea in bed. In recent times perhaps not quite so early and perhaps accompanied by toast or biscuits. But breakfast in bed? Made by someone else? A very rare treat.

I think in a strange way this seemly never-ending pandemic has made “McDonald’s Breakfast In Bed” much more likely. We are conditioned to being ‘at home’ and having many of our daily requirements ‘dropped off at the door’ - Sainsbury’s, chemist, takeaways, Deliveroo. Not to forget the mighty Amazon.

In the same way worship has come ‘into our home’. On paper, via Facebook, on Zoom. Many people are finding this a very satisfactory way to ‘do church’. Some people have said it is their preferred way to ‘do church’.

But like a McDonald’s Bed-Breakfast this is a luxury whilst we are ‘at home’.

So, this way of worship will continue in some form in the longer term, it has proved a way in which we can connect with those unable to gather physically ... but perhaps not every week. It might not even be on a Sunday (people have pointed out that they can worship when they want). Equally it is important that we meet together physically as churches. It is good for us for we are social beings.

I feel particularly concerned about the younger generations. They have missed out on so much during the past year. They have sacrificed their freedoms for the safety of their elders. It is my hope that as soon as it is safe they might get to resume a normal life - at church yes, but much more fully, for the Christian faith informs us that we should live life in all its fullness. Enjoy the virtual life, the McDonalds in Bed, but be ready to live life again in all its variety and fullness.



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