The Right Kind of Spirit

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I am sure you have heard the expression its only the drink talkingbut I have had a very different experience. I have discovered messages from beer bottles. It started when I spotted a sign in the supermarket (in days when one could visit the supermarket and wander freely). It said a bottle of Courage - £1. Amazing ! Courage for a £!

If only that were true.

Searching the shelves I found another. It was called Korev. Korev I believe is the Cornish word for beer. Well this beer bottle said that it ‘has soul’. More than some people have if the daily news reports are to be believed. It’s undoubtedly true that many people seem to lack both courage and soul. It’s also undoubtedly true that neither of these virtues are going to be found in a bottle of beer from Sainsbury’s ... or even one from Cornwall.

However, what is also undoubtedly true is that both these things may be found in the spirit. Not the kind of spirit contained in a bottle but rather in the person of God the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives followers of Jesus ‘soul’ in the sense that she connects us with eternity. She also gives us ‘soul’ in so far as we can develop emotionally for the good of others and self. Further, God the Holy Spirit gives followers of Jesus ‘courage’. Consider if you will the transformation of the disciples post-Pentecost.

And - this un bottled-spirit comes at an even better price than the £1 bottle of ‘Courage’. It is free and just what we need as we move to a post-lockdown world!

Worth a thought is it not?


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