Research Group @Bath

Dr Luling (Frank) Wu

Dr Luling Wu
Position: EPSRC Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Education: PhD at University of Bath funded by China Scholarship Council and University of Bath
Project: EPRSC Project on Non-Benzenoid Fluorophores to Enable New Imaging Modalities (with Simon Lewis (PI), Dan Pantos (CoI)

Xue Tian

Education: MRes Chemistry, University of Bath
Project: Molecular systems for cancer diagnosis and therapy
Co-supervisor(s): Steven Bull
Funding: Self-funded

Yueci Wu

Education: MSc in Drug Discovery, University of Bath
Project: Fluorescent Probes for Reactive Oxygen Species
Co-supervisor(s): Prof. Steven Bull
Funding: China Scholarship Council

Kai-Cheng Yan

Education: MSc in Pharmaceutical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology
Project: Fluorescent Probes for Bacteria
Co-supervisor(s): Prof. Toby Jenkins
Funding: Self-funded

Simon Wikeley

Education: MChem with a year abroad, University of York.
Project: Synthetic Electrochemical Sensors for Non-communicable Diseases
Co-supervisor(s): Prof. Frank Marken
Funding: 50:50 Studentship EPSRC and Integrated Graphene (

Francesca Belardinelli

Education: Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technologies, University of Perugia
Project: Innovative modular synthetic approaches for the synthesis of γ-arylamines, and also to develop theranostic systems, applyng photochemistry and flow chemistry as enabling techniques. 
Co-supervisor(s): Dr Alex Cresswell
Funding: EPSRC DTP

Ben Kersch-Hunt

Ben Kersch-Hunt
Education: MSci in Chemistry with a year in industry, University of Birmingham.
Project:  Supramolecular systems for biological sensing 
Co-supervisor(s): Dr Dan Pantos
Funding: 50:50 Studentship EPSRC and Lifecare


Professor Zhuo Wang

Position: Visiting Professor from Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT)
Project: Newton Advanced Fellowhip - The Academy of Medical Sciences

Professor Yuya Egawa

Position: Visiting Professor from Josai University
Education: Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University. PhD at Tohoku University on Functionalities of cyclodextrins immobilized in imprinted polymers or on the solid surfaces
Project: Synthesis of boron compounds for glucose responsive insulin delivery systems

Dr Kai Wang

Professor Kai Wang
Position: Visiting Researcher from Shandong First Medical University
Education:Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Jinan. PhD at University of Nankai on the spectroscopic probes and sensing analysis for glucose bioimaging.
Project: Synthesis of boronic acid-based near-infrared probes for reversible glucose sensing and their application in in vivo imaging.

Lifecare Chemistry UK:

Dr Jordan Gardiner

Education: MChem in chemistry with a year abroad at Cardiff University. PhD at University of Bath on Fluorescence probes for the detection of biologically relevant species.
Project: Collaboration with Lifecare (

Dr Jeannie Hütges 

Education: Diplom and PhD in Chemistry at University of Cologne and collaboration with UC Davis.
Project: Collaboration with Lifecare (