Research Group

Dr Bahareh Shirinfar (Daphne Jackson Fellow)

Bahareh Shirinfar is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at the University of Bath in the Department of Chemistry. She completed her PhD at Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea. With an interest in biosensors, she went on to hold research in Switzerland and England and she is now returning to her career with DJ Fellowship which is sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Dr Jordan Gardiner

Education: MChem in chemistry with a year abroad at Cardiff University.
PhD Fluorescence probes for the detection of biologically relevant species
Project: Industrial Collaboration

Luling Wu

Education: MSci in chemistry at the Shanghai Normal University, China
Project: Fluorescent sensors for biological redox state
Co-supervisor(s): Prof. Steven Bull

Kathryn Watt

Education: MChem Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, University of St Andrews
Project: Fluorophore labelled peptides for diagnostic and theranostic applications
Main supervisor: Jody Mason Co-supervisor(s): Tony James, Robert Williams

Xue Tian

Education: MRes Chemistry, University of Bath
Project: Molecular systems for cancer diagnosis and therapy
Co-supervisor(s): Steven Bull

Yueci Wu

Education: MSc in Drug Discovery, University of Bath
Project: Fluorescent Probes for Reactive Oxygen Species
Co-supervisor(s): Prof. Steven Bull

Kai-Cheng Yan

Education: MSc in Pharmaceutical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology
Project: Fluorescent Probes for Bacteria
Co-supervisor(s): Prof. Toby Jenkins