Civic University Agreement - an update

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We have now been working on our Civic University Agreement for 18 months, and great progress has been made considering the challenges of working with local partners around the pressures of the pandemic.

Today we are giving a quick update on the agreement and outlining next steps:

  • Partners have been engaged: we are now actively working outside of the university's own boundaries, and collaborating with B&NES council, the RUH and Bath Spa University on the next steps of the agreement. We are also in the process of bringing two further local anchor institutions into the discussions. The existing partners are very much on the same page and greater collaboration between them has already resulted in new discussions and activities that will benefit the local area.
  • Drafting has started - we now have a draft Civic Agreement. This is currently undergoing work within each partner institution, and being shared with management for their input. It is hoped that soon a consensus will be reached and an initial document can be taken to our University Executive Board and through similar processes at each of the partner organisations.
  • Collaboration has increased - even ahead of a finalised agreement, we're seeing increased collaboration between the CUA partners on a number of local issues. The CUA process has created new channels of communication that are already creating benefits in how we work together, share experiences and overcome challenges.

The next steps of the process are to:

  • bring in two further partners, identified for their ability to reach into sectors or geographical areas of the community that are currently more challenging.
  • to finalise a CUA agreement that can be elevated through approval processes within each organisation and ultimately signed and made public.

The CUA team continues to engage at a national level with the Civic Universtiy Network and with other universities going through this process, ensuring best practice is shared and brought into the way we develop our own agreement.

If you have any questions at any stage in this process, or would like to learn more about Bath's Civic Agreement, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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