Bath Digital Festival a success

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As we come to the end of Bath Digital Festival 2024 we reflect on a week of inspiring sport tech, thought-provoking digital cities, and out-of-this-world space inventions!

This year the University sponsored 'Sport Tech' day at the festival, aligning with our brand new 'Sport and Technology in a Digital Society' research beacon, and 'Sport@Bath' research group. Our research in this area draws together expertise from across the University to develop a world-leading centre for exploring the intersection between sport, technology and society. It investigates how advances in technology challenge the way we think about sport and physical activity, while creating new opportunities for enhancing elite performance, preventing injuries, creating more inclusive participation, and improving function and health.

During Bath Digital Festival research from the Beacon was showcased to an audience of sports-sector researchers, industry and athletes. Festival delegates had a chance to try out virtual reality sports, to give rugby scrums a go while their movements and gait were being mapped, or to learn about how advances in the sports sector also result in advancements in health and wellbeing technologies for non-athletes.

During a 'Power of the Mind' panel session, Bath researchers in sports psychology joined other experts to discuss how sport is leading the way in psychology technology for performance - and what that means for everyone. Following this a Future of Sport debate saw heated discussion on whether the Olympics would be held in the metaverse in the future, and the day cumulated with the Bath Institute for the Augmented Human leading expert panels and interactive demos to provide a comprehensive overview of current trends and future possibilities in human augmentation.

And the University's involvement didn't stop after Sport Tech day - researchers from CAMERA showcased work done to 3D map Queen's Square and the BRLSI building, and others showed how they could scan 3D objects to create detailed, hyper-accurate digital models that can then be used to model behaviours of materials in different environments, or to 3D print items for use in medical care.

Did you come along to Bath Digital Festival events this week? Do share below what you attended! Every event was free to attend thanks to support from sponsors like the University of Bath, making it easier for anyone with an interest to attend regardless of their situation.

Posted in: Community Events, Local and civic engagement


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