Unveiling the creative power of climate action: Meet our photography competition winner!

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The Climate Action Photography Competition came to a close earlier this month. This was a unique opportunity for staff and students to showcase their creative flair and passion for the climate. We had entries that showcased climate action in various forms, from gardening to embracing sustainable modes of transportation.

Thank you to everyone who made a submission. It was encouraging to see the diverse interpretations of climate action, reflecting its multifaceted nature.

The competition was a testament to the power of visual storytelling in raising awareness and inspiring action. However, there was one particular image that stood out to the judging panel, showcasing a great sustainable habit! Our winner for this year’s competition is BSc Biochemistry student, Aditi Thayyur.


Climate champion purchasing seasonal fruit and vegetables in Bath city centre
Winning image by Aditi Thayyur

We asked Aditi what inspired her to capture this image and why climate action is important:

One of the easiest sustainable activities we can do is buying from local small businesses [as demonstrated in her photo]. Not only did I find it surprisingly cheaper (if buying seasonal produce) and very fresh, the stand is in Bath four times a week so I look forward to getting fresh fruits and veggies and thought it was a wonderful way to support the community and eat healthily.


Furthermore, climate action is important to participate in because it's a lot easier than we make it out to be. Sometimes it feels like an all or nothing scenario but I think we need to remember that even small actions are important to making a difference. If we can't do much good for the planet, let's reduce the harm we do.

Pick up a new sustainable habit this summer! There are plenty of things you could do no matter big or small. Aditi shares some advice on how to live more sustainably on a budget:

A more sustainable lifestyle in Bath is not too difficult, as a student my top tips are:

  • Keep up with the university's schemes like Munch Box or Half price vegetarian/vegan pizzas for Veganuary. The University makes sustainability a lot more accessible than we expect.
  • Not being hesitant to explore new ways to engage in sustainability. This year I gave refilling (grains, cereals, chocolate) a shot and bought most of my veggies from the farmers market!

We also asked Aditi how she plans to spend her £100 Bath gift card!

I haven't figured out much yet but something I have been wanting to try is a nice meal at OAK, a vegetarian restaurant in the city.

As we reflect on the diverse range of submissions we received, we wanted to give a special mention to another image we thought was a great submission!

Collage of gardening strawberries
Photo credit: Maria Chihaia

The competition served as a celebration of our collective efforts and a reminder of our significant role in shaping a more sustainable future.

Thanks again to all the participants for their contributions and for sharing their creativity and vision with us!

Posted in: Staff action, Student action

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