The Digital Content and Development teams consist of designers, developers, and content experts, working together to:

  • develop and maintain the University website and publishing platforms
  • set standards for digital development and content
  • support digital publishing and content creation throughout the University - email web-support@bath.ac.uk if you need help with University web pages or other channels


We take a user-centred approach to development, design, and content. This involves creating products and services that are simple to use and constantly improving those products and services based on data.

Read our digital principles to find out more about how we work.


Digital Content team

We develop content for the University website and student recruitment marketing. We also offer support, guidance, and advice on digital content best practice. Find out more about how we can help you.

Rhian Griggs - Head of Digital

Rhian GriggsRhian was previously our Digital Editor for Student Recruitment and Experience. She came to us with a background in Local Government web, focusing on good practice in the development of local authority websites using extensive evidence-based research. In her spare time she likes to make use of her foreign languages and is slowly making her way around Central and South America whenever she gets the chance to strap on a backpack.

Matt Alexander - Senior Content Designer

Matt joined the Content team having ‘graduated’ from leading the digital content for the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences at the University. Having furthered his qualifications in AgilePM and operations management, he decided it was time to apply these to some fresh content design and digital projects. When he gets time off he can usually be found furthering his passions of baking (mostly) bread, taking photos and cycling.

John Fox - Senior Content Designer

John FoxJohn started his career by travelling to Asia to sell books, but then someone invented the internet and he decided to use that instead. Since then he has been a digital marketer, content producer, and web editor. In his spare time he enjoys reading, walking, and silently correcting people’s grammar.

Paul Fitzpatrick - Content Designer

Ever since his first literary success – the poem There Once Was a Spider Who Liked to Drink Cider – at the age of six, Paul has been passionate about storytelling and engaging people with words. Despite all odds, he’s managed to make a living doing this, creating content for everything 

from newsstand magazines to the likes of Virgin Holidays, Intel and Odeon Cinemas. When not wrangling copy, Paul can be found wandering around vintage clothing stores his son, and planning his next trip.  

Faith Toynbee - Content Designer

Faith joined the Content team in February 2024 having worked for nearly a decade in digital marketing for some of Bath’s best-loved museums, including the Roman Baths. In her spare time Faith loves cooking, trying out new restaurants and walking while listening to podcasts.

Digital Development team

We provide support and develop software for the University's digital channels, including Typecase and Typecase for Courses. Find out more about how we can help you.

Rebecca Stewart - Front-end Developer

A photo of Rebecca StewartRebecca joined the Digital Development team as a Front-end Developer in November 2020 after 6 years working as a developer with clients such as McDonald’s, Disney and Carnival Cruises in various marketing agencies. In her free time Rebecca enjoys hiking, gaming and can usually be found at the Team Bath Sports Training Village.

Sam Street - User Experience Designer

Photograph of Sam Street - User experience designer at Bath UniversitySam joined the Digital Development team after 10+ years as a product designer, the last few of which he spent in UI/UX design for an IoT device. Sam has a background in engineering and an eye for detail. He tries to make sure the user’s needs are front and centre when designing software. Usually absorbed in a video game. Often prepping for a tabletop gaming session. Always coveting technology out of his price range.

Daniel M. Matongo - Developer

Originally from Zambia, Daniel joined the Digital Development team in June 2022. A keen advocate of the KISS philosophy, his love for coding is only rivalled by his love for tinkering (and possibly video games), particularly in the realm of microcontrollers. Ever aspirational, he perpetually yearns for the next technological advancement.
You can find Daniel laying down at a park somewhere, absorbing the mesmerising scenescapes of his surroundings.