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The government has a hugely ambitious goal that every school will be a 'sustainable school' by 2020, and it encourages institutions to address sustainability across all aspects of school life through: [i] what (and how) students are taught; [ii] how the school campus is managed, and the school is led; and [iii] how the school can act as a model and catalyst for change within the wider community.  In 2004, Prime Minister Tony Blair said:

Sustainable development will not just be a subject in the classroom: it will be in its bricks and mortar and the way the school uses and even generates its own power.  Our students won’t just be told about sustainable development, they will see and work within it: a living, learning place in which to explore what a sustainable lifestyle means.”  

Drawing on recent research, the lecture critically examines the idea of the 'sustainable school', and raises questions about the role of the school in modeling and catalyzing change within the community.

A recording of the talk is available.



Posted in: Talks and Presentations


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