And so to Norway and the kulturlandskap

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To Norway to give a talk on reorienting teacher education to address sustainability at a conference of teachers and teacher educators.  A chance to think about the Unesco project that we were once part of, and to reflect on 30+ years of our PGCE environmental science programme.  No one (except me) mentioned that nature might be thought of as the home of culture, but there was much talk of the, notionally translatable, but hard to understand, idea of the 'Kulturlandskap' which is just as tricky as Bildung to get a grip on (try a google search).  The highlight for me was listening to the venerable Øystein Dahle, once of the Worldwatch Institute, who has neatly positioned himself as a one man nuscience to those in thrall to the status quo and who think that the future is the way forward.  His rediscovery of the OHP was his metaphor for a simpler life.  An example of his writing is here.

Posted in: Talks and Presentations


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