The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy

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A review in THE this week of the Handbook of Sustainability Literacy –  the sort of review that authors might have thought of penning themselves had they been optimistic enough about how their achievements might be received (I had one of those reviews once I seem to remember).  In focusing on the notion of ecological intelligence, the review raised a question in my mind that my own reading of the book hadn't raised.  It's this: how does ecological intelligence relate to sustainability literacy?  Is ecological intelligence something that you can acquire when you have sustainability literacy?  Or is it the other way round: do you need ecological intelligence in order to develop sustainability literacy?  Or are they much the same thing (or is one part of the other, perhaps)?  Maybe they co-evolve as you work through issues; maybe there's no necessary link.  Answers on a postcard to the usual address ...

Posted in: New Publications


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