It not only seems ok to eat Kenyan green beans, it seems right

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Welcome news from Oxfam, whose new publication, Fair Miles: recharting the food miles map, explores the dilemma of whether it is ethically sound to eat fresh food shipped (air-freighted, more like) in from distant places.  Many a glass of new world chardonnay has been enjoyed whist debating such issues, of course.  Oxfam note:

This pocketbook delves into the realities of the produce trade between Africa and the UK, examining both sides of the equation in search of a diet that is ethically, as well as nutritionally, balanced.

This is a booklet for those who want to think through the issues for themselves, but who like the idea of an ethical / nutritional balance to what they eat, and the data provided here (although rather jumbled in my view) will help greatly, even though it inevitably remains a complex area.  The strong contribution of UK consumers to developing world economies through trade is laid bare, and ought to act as a counter weight to all those siren voices whose idea of the future is to go back to a time (just when was this?) when all food was grown locally.  A valuable ESD resource for teachers.

Posted in: New Publications


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