MoD to set up Defence Awareness Programmes in Schools

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The coalition government announced today that, from 2011, the Ministry of Defence is to set up programmes in order to raise awareness of defence issues within the UK; this will include work in schools.   An MoD representative said "We recognise the importance of ensuring that the public is informed about defence matters and consider that schools play a vital role in this endeavour."  She went on: "Of course, as always, it is critical that the projects the MoD funds demonstrate results and impact.  The use of funds for defence awareness will be scrutinised very closely and we will be tightening our annual review processes.  Projects which are failing to meet their objectives, or projects which are not demonstrating that their activities are achieving higher levels of public awareness/support for defence will be closed."

Posted in: News and Updates


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  • Excellent - just think of the opportunities for Learning Outside the Classroom on Salisbury Plain. Maybe they will join forces with the Soil Association to promote organic warfare, or precision weeding to deal with invasive species. All regiments could have an embedded gardener!

    Think I'll join up right away!

  • Hmmmm, if only they were so quick off the mark on deciding about ESD and sustainable schools! I think it is possible to discern some priorities here.

    By the way, Nick, I have a wonderful article somewhere on greening the military, which I like to use to get discussion on values going with teacher groups. Happy to dig out and send a copy if you would like one. It includes biodegradable bullets, so your proposals are not far off the mark!

  • PS I look forward to the paper on measurable war education indicators

  • This seems like an opportunity for 'joined up thinking' on WMD - worming out military distruction...............