Sustainability, Learning and Capability: Exploring Questions of Balance

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Steve Gough and I have a new paper published today in Sustainability.  Here's the Abstract – in case you're tempted to read it ...

It is argued that sustainable development makes best sense as a social learning process that brings tangible and useful outcomes in terms of understanding and skills, and also reinforces the motivation and capability for further learning. Thus, there are always balances to be struck between a broad-based, wide-ranging education and a more specialist one; between a focus on ideas themselves, and on their application in social or economic contexts; and between keeping ideas separate, and integrating them. This paper will explore the nature of such balances, and the issues to bear in mind when striking them, focusing on schools, university and college contexts within the United Kingdom.

I have been impressed by the efficiency of the editorial process, and the usefulness of the reviewers' comments.  Must write here again!

Posted in: New Publications


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