A Council of Despair

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I am reading a paper from the 3046th (sic) Council of Europe meeting on Education, Youth, Culture and Sport which sets out the Council's yawningly predictable "conclusions" on ESD.   The report "highlights the key role of education as a prerequisite for promoting the behavioural changes and providing all citizens with the key competences needed to achieve sustainable development".   See what I mean?  This mechanistic stuff makes it clear why so many can earn a good living vilifying ESD.  Of course, it says all the right and very worthy things, doing so in that woeful EuroLingo beloved of Insiders across the Continent: it starts by having regard to A, pauses to recognise B, then remembers to emphasise C, pauses again to consider D, and finally gets round to inviting E.

However, it never really makes up it's mind whether it is promoting ESD as yet another adjectival education bent on having an inevitably marginal influence (a sort of Trojan mouse), or whether it's arguing for a fundamental change to education itself.  Either way, in failing to remember to promote 'Climate Change Education', it has missed the latest zeitgeist.  Hard to see why they bothered.

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