Let's hear it for SusEd

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I've reviewing what I think has evolved into a rather good paper for EER.  In it, the author uses (following Stephen Sterling's lead) the phrase sustainability education as a "generic and inclusive term that can accommodate different interpretations".   Well, I wonder about that.  It has, of course, the considerable merit of not involving prepositions (no:  for / in / about / by / under / etc) and therefore affords less scope for tendentious pedants everywhere to find a determinism where none may exist.  However, it does not, I think, absolve the user from explaining what they mean – a discipline we all might benefit from.

But why stop there?  At the end of the day, sustainability education is still a mouthful: a whole 10 syllables and 23 characters.  Think of how much ink, time and finger strain could be saved  if it were abbreviated.  So, what about SusEd – as green a term as you'd wish to find – and in these austere times this could be a major  contribution to getting the world out of its economic difficulties.  Maybe ...

Sadly, but for the neologistic record, 'sused' is already a Slovak word for neighbour.

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