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In my readings around UNECE’s latest edicts around the teacher competencies that will be needed if they (teachers, that is) are to save the planet, I thought it best to reacquaint myself with what the Teaching Development Agency (TDA for schools) says about all this – after all, the TDA is the guardian of the nation’s (England’s, that is) career-spanning teacher professional standards, and whatever UNECE’s dreams are for English teachers and ESD, they will need to be grafted onto (not entirely sure that’s the best metaphor here, as it does seem rather horticultural) what the TDA already thinks is important.

Well, good luck with this, as the TDA has never taken learning and sustainability seriously.  However, whilst TDA meets UNECE might not have the same immediate appeal as Mumsnet v. Tiger Mum – somebody might buy a ticket.

Meanwhile, the standards documents that can be downloaded from the TDA contain pearls of delight.  I particularly commend this one to confused readers everywhere:

"Where the phrase ‘parents and carers’ is used,  it is understood that the term ‘parents’ includes both mothers and fathers".

Reassuring stuff – no wonder the TDA survived Mr Gove's dissolution of the quangos.  I don't suppose that this is something that even UNECE has thought it wise to clarify.

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  • Good to see that 'mothers and fathers' are in the plural.