I recycle, therefore I ...

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Listening to a bloke (a friend of the motorist) on Channel 4 News the other night, I came away thinking that the way to finish this sentence is probably:

"... can do any dam'd thing I like."

Well, in a discussion around the government's perplexing proposal to raise the speed limit on motorways to 80 mph, what he actually said was that it wouldn't matter that his fuel consumption would rise because, "I recycle".   There we have it: the barren fruits of 10 years of the sort of ESD that valorises rubbish.   I was close to tears.

Despite the dodgy claims that this shift will benefit (ie, speed up) the economy, and the further damage that it does to the government's tattered green standard, I applaud it for very selfish reasons: I'll increasingly be left alone in the inside lane to pootle along around 65, whilst company cars and sporty types flash past at what I suspect will be near 90 mph.

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