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I've been reading the green learning blog, a new output from the education, schools and families team at the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.  For a Trustee, with a particular interest in environmental learning, this kind of communication is a great way to get quick insights into what's going on, though I could wish it was more prominently positioned on the website so that more casual browsers can more readily access it.  That said, the blog is engagingly written and informative, giving a picture across the range of the team's important activities.

I particularly liked the story of the lad who's on "alternative provision" from a secondary school, and who has a Monday placement for the rest of the year:

The student is full of enthusiasm and ideas for our reserves, commenting on such things as signage, access, family use, how we can increase our income and other ways to develop our reserves.  He is taking a keen interest in identifying tree species by their bark, buds and catkins.  At Ravensroost, by using bark colour and texture alone, he correctly identified birch, ash, oak and hazel, which was followed by “This is helping my confidence.”  Brilliant.

Indeed it is.  More of this please – and keep the posts coming.

Posted in: Comment, New Publications, News and Updates


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