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To Academics Everywhere ....

Are you tired of having your work cited by those who’ve clearly not read it?

Or fed up with citations where the author obviously doesn't understand your paper?

Are you plagued by authors who change what you’ve written to suit their own ends?

Or maybe just irritated almost beyond endurance when your work is cited without comment in the middle of a long string of other papers.

Maybe you’re outraged that you’re being cited in the sort of journal that you wouldn’t be seen dead writing for.

Or perhaps it’s a journal where you know the editor’s no longer up to it – if they ever really were.

If so, then go to where a solution to your problems is just one click away.  At Dontdareciteit, we have an established track record of persuading authors and journals not to mention particular work, with a variety of winning strategies where a range of fee levels apply.

Contact us today with details of the problems you face.  Confidentiality assured.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Posted in: News and Updates


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