A postcard from ELSA to Hefce about the HEA

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The English Learning and Sustainability Alliance [ELSA] has contributed to Hefce’s review of the UK's Higher Education Academy.

ELSA brings together England’s key stakeholder groups with interests in learning and sustainability in order to inform national debates and influence policy and practice.  As a ‘Group of Groups’ the purpose of the Alliance is to lead, promote and influence crosscutting strategic policy for learning and sustainability in England, working with key practitioners, strategic bodies and policy makers.

In setting up the Alliance members were mindful that for many of those coordinating policy for learning and sustainability within and across diverse learning contexts, and who recognise the pivotal role of learning in sustainable development, there is an absence of any independent group to facilitate and lead this important societal and economic challenge.  One of its key operating principles is to monitor and review national progress on learning and sustainability and make recommendations.  It is primarily in this context that ELSA has responded to this review of the HEA because –“education for sustainable development” is one of the HEA’s seven strategic themes, and moreover, one reinforced in the recent grant letter from the respective funding councils.

The full comment is available, for the moment, from me at the usual address.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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