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Though I know there's considerable choice, but for those of still wondering what the Decade was all about, this has to be the place: the website of the 2014 UNESCO conference to mark the shift from Decade to GAP.

Although it's a long while till November 10th, there will be much to watch, and issues to note.  Go on, bookmark it. You know it makes sense.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering whether there will be a parallel event in the UK.  Just as there was a launch, don't we need a landing / docking / arriving / whatever.  I think I am probably wondering whether England will do this, as Scotland and Wales will no doubt be doing what they do best – acting in devolved isolation, that is – and the Northern Irish will likely have two celebrations: a unionist and a republican one.

Maybe UNESCO UK is working on this right now … .  I have asked.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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