COP20 – are they really closing the gap?

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The United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP20, comes at yet another "crucial moment, and talks continue on a draft international climate agreement due to be fanfared in Paris in 2015.  Carbon Brief has a comment on proceedings so far, as governments back away from accountability and action.  The World Resources Institute has highlighted three issues to watch as negotiations come to a head.  This piece includes a neat diagram drawing together adaption, mitigation, and "support".  I think the latter means large transfers of  resource (cash and in-kind) from rich to poor.

But who's rich and what's poor?  Here's a prediction: the Saudis (and others wallowing in oil who've not bothered to diversify their economies) will be seeking huge compensation from more advanced economies if they are to be persuaded to leave the black stuff in the ground.



Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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