£780,000 worth of unsustainability

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According to MSN, it cost the Eavis family £780,000 to clean up after the Glastonbury Festival.  This is the biggest, most spectacular clean-up bill yet.  This was despite the involvement of around 1,300 recycling volunteers who came to the farm (that's about half the population of Somerset).  I don't understand how it costs so much.  Mind you, I don't understand why so much rubbish is dropped either, unless littering is part of the essential experience.  Is it?  Judging by the pictures of overflowing rubbish bins, littering is built into the experience.  There's nothing so sustainable as litter, it seems; anyway, it all adds £780,000 to GDP.  Maybe Eavis should partner with Untidy Britain for 2019.

There's no festival next year in order to give the land, village and local wildlife a chance to rest (according to Eavis).  You have to wonder what ageing MPs and geriatric rockers will do next June; not to mention the BBC.  How will it fill its overflowing channels in mid-June?

How about some jazz?

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