UKSCQA anyone?

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I know that, quartered safely out here in Wiltshire, I live a sheltered life, but I was still surprised to learn about the existence of UKSCQA – the UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment (UKSCQA) which "provides sector-led oversight of higher education quality assessment arrangements that continue to be shared across the UK".  News to me, I'm happy to say.

It seems the Committee brings together partners from across the higher education sector, drawing on academic, student and regulatory expertise.  It supports "a co-regulatory approach to quality and standards, working collaboratively to promote the student interest and the international reputation of UK higher education [and] brings together academics and students" as well as partners organisations: QAA / CUC / NUS / UUK / HEFCE / etc.

It has launched a consultation to review the UK Quality Code.  This ...

"seeks to ensure that the Code remains the cornerstone for quality in UK higher education, that it protects the public and student interest, and that it maintains the UK’s world-leading reputation for quality in higher education".

You can read about (and respond to) the consultation here.  Good luck with this.  It all has a timeless feel / quality to it.  UKSCQA says that the proposed changes to the Code:

  • present an approach that allows the Code to be agile and responsive
  • align the Code with ongoing regulatory change and a diversifying UK HE landscape
  • place students at the heart of the Code
  • reflect sector views about how the Code can best serve a rapidly changing sector

"agile and responsive" to what, I wonder.

Apparently there are proposed changes to student engagement which not everyone is happy about.  NUS meanwhile, sees this as a good opportunity to get ESD fully embedded in the code rather than as an additional piece of guidance (which no one takes any notice of).

Clearly, this will not happen.

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