How can education help to shape a Steady State culture?

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This is the title of a discussion paper that Susan Brown, from the University of Manchester, has written for Steady State Manchester [SSM].

This is how SSM summarises the paper:

  • Argues that a learning renaissance is required to achieve a Steady State culture.  A transition from the current role of education ‘to ensure a workforce able to compete in a global market’ to one where people ‘play full roles in developing sustainable local economies’
  • Includes an accessible, broad, diverse, inclusive vision of a Steady State education culture which responds to the initiatives and issues of local communities.  It is brought to life by descriptions of existing educational initiatives from near and far which are ‘which are changing the learning landscape in ways that can shape a Steady State Culture.’
  • Moves from a very individualistic, competitive form of current education to a collective endeavour

I'm not a steady-stater because I don't see how it could ever work to human benefit.  There also has to be a beggar thy neighbour edge to it which happens when the "initiatives and issues of local communities" come into conflict.  I'm also skeptical because I think that a "collective [education] endeavour" would have to be enforced whatever those being educated thought about it.

So, you'll understand that I am reading this paper with Bedford 2045 in mind.  More tomorrow ...

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