EAUC wins the people's lottery

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I'm told that £160,000 has come EAUC's way c/o HEFCE.  The HE funding council, in its death throes, has handed over its loose change to EAUC to do more of the same – and no doubt to be just as effective at doing it as it has been so far; that's to say not very.

With barely concealed, breathless understatement, EAUC said:

"EAUC is delighted to confirm that, with the generous support from HEFCE, we are working with AUDE to further develop the Green Scorecard to cover sustainability issues beyond the estates function.   We are working very closely with AUDE, who lead on the Green Scorecard, and ARUP, who designed the Green Scorecard.  Our collective aim is to provide a useful management and developmental tool for our members.  Building on the Green Scorecard, the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard will be within the same tool, remain free to the sector and be voluntary for institutions to use.  Institutions select the areas of work they wish to review including functionality to map progress against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  The Green Scorecard will remain live and useable through this period of development, your institutional logins remain unchanged.  We aim to have the new developments in place by April and we will be providing workshops at the AUDE and EAUC Conferences to provide our members with further information and guidance."

See what I mean?  Probably not, as this is so badly written.

If this was the result of open competition on HEFCE's part, I must have missed the call.

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