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This is the agenda for the meeting of Extinction Rebellion [XR] educators that took place in London last night:

1.  Check in and welcome to new members
2. Updates following Rebellion: total change in media/political debate; head teachers call for CC classes in school; XR discussions with politicians; NEU resolution on CC; any others?
3.  May 24th  Hopefully with an update from Youth Strikers.  Will we be involved?  If so how?  If not directly involved should we think about another action at DfE?  Civil Disobedience?  Notables?  What are we demanding?  Article 12?
4.  Supporting radical action in schools, colleges and unis. Students supported to learn independently about CC (economics, politics, ecology); reconnection with nature, esp. in primary schools; how can primary teachers be supported – less realistic to expect independent learning/challenge to curriculum from primary students; secondary school/uni discussion and reading groups – challenge the curriculum/system – exam-based learning as a reflection of neo-liberal society; how can students (esp. disadvantaged) rebel and reclaim agency through independent radical thought, action and self-discipline?; are educators willing to risk their jobs?  If so, this could be really powerful… what support would we need to offer?
5.  Drafting a letter from teachers to government as XR Doctors are doing. Could also form basis of a kind of manifesto for action.
6.   Creating working groups within XR Educators.
7.    AOB.
From my perspective, this is the most interesting action in the country that I’ve seen for a while.   I’m tempted to say that it rather puts environmental educators to shame – but that might be a premature judgement.  However, given how ineffective environmental educators and environmental education has been over the years at bringing about curriculum change in UK schools, I do hope not.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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  • I'm a retired Drama teacher with a couple of things published by ZigZag Education and I have developed a scheme of work about one of the impacts of climate change. Would you like a copy to use as you wish?