LEEF Conference questions

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I’ll be on a panel at the LEEF conference on Monday.   Here are some of the questions we’ll be responding to.  I wonder what you would say?

1. If you had to nominate a couple of environmental education "giants" in the UK, who would they be and why?  Who has shown leadership over the last decades in EE in London?

2. Is there any substantive difference between urban environmental education and environmental education in general?

3. Have Greta Thunberg, the student climate strikers and Extinction Rebellion done more to raise public awareness about environmental issues than environmental educators ever did?

4. If there ever was a high point for environmental education in England, when was it?

5. Can, and should, EE move from the 3rd-sector fringes into mainstream education?  With the current climate of limited funding, how do we ensure collaboration between organisations rather than competition?

6. How do we make urban environmental education more diverse and representative?

7. What does the next 30 years hold for EE and what role will LEEF play in this?


I’ll say more on Monday.

Posted in: Talks and Presentations


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