Would you listen to Shell on Climate?

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I see that the NAEE update recently drew attention to a Spectator podcast on the ethics and politics of carbon off-setting.  It had a contribution from Shell which clearly paid for the whole thing.

Dear me; the Spectator and Shell!  I wonder how many simply refused to listen in because of where it was and who was contributing.  The Shell / Spectator combo may have been too much for many to cope with even though Tony Jupiter was on there as well, talking what I thought was informed good sense.  I found the podcast useful; it deals with important issues in what I thought was a balanced way.  Criteria enough, you'd have thought ...

As to why I didn't refuse to listen, this was because I'm not sufficient of a hypocrite to rail against fossil fuel companies whilst still using their products – though clearly many are.  Whilst I can see that there might be a difference in principle between holding shares in a company (or a sector such as petrochemicals) and merely buying their products and services, in practice I can see little difference at all; in both cases you are supporting them financially – in one case as an investment, in the other as exchange for something you value more than your money.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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