Parties at the DfE?

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I'd not intended to write about the latest scandal (Partygate) to overwhelm Westminster as it all seems a long way from learning and sustainability which is supposed to be the theme of the blog.

However, today I found out that London's Finest are investigating happenings at the DfE.  Here's a Met statement:








I've obviously not been paying enough attention but it was news to me that the DfE was under the spotlight.  What can be the reason?  Here are few possibilities:

A party to celebrate:

– Gav's birthday

– successfully blaming OfQual for the 2020 exams farrago

– not making a decision (again) about what to do about the proposed natural history GCSE

– managing to blame Holyrood for making an even worse hash of home learning than themselves

– writing the 10,000th letter to students saying that the national curriculum deals adequately with climate change

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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