A WEEC is a long time in Abu Dhabi

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I see that WEEC is following in FIFA's footsteps by holding its next global extravaganza in the Gulf.  WEEC 2024 – the 12th congress – will be in Abu Dhabi over 5 days next January / February.

The organisers say that "WEEC 2024 seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas, to advance progress towards a sustainable, resilient, and adaptable future. The event will encourage exploratory dialogue on the different dimensions involved in EE (educational, ethical, economic, political, etc.) to facilitate progress in this future".  Just so.

There's a nice welcome video here, but the big news is that it will be paper and plastic free.  Huzzar!

Whilst not everyone will think Abu Dhabi a suitable place for an environmental education congress, others will no doubt see it is an opportunity to open doors, develop connections, expand horizons, break fresh ground, establish relationships, create opportunities, establish bonds, overcome barriers, build bridges, or [please insert your own cliché].  This is not only mostly hogwash, it's greenwashed hogwash.

The 32 members of the international socio-scientific committee – all of whom presumably approve of the venue and of WEEC – can be seen here.  You will notice a few of the usual suspects.

I'll not be going although it will be far warmer than the UK and there will be much better choice of dates.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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