Tiddles, Rover and Dudley

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I’m somewhat of a radical on dogs and cats in that my genuinely progressive policy would reduce their numbers by 20% year on year until only essential working animals remained – a policy that would mean net zero cats of course.  All this would be part of a biodiversity initiative to restore the UK’s flora, fauna, habitats, ecology, etc.  Tough measures will be needed and would be unpopular, but hey, the country is in a state of depleted nature, thanks in part to our sentimental stupidity about cats and dogs.  It is, of course, cats that are the real problem; dogs just chase sheep, get in the way, shit in those black bags they find hanging on bushes, and bite people.

The policy would not apply to hamsters, white mice, Guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits, tortoises, etc.  It would be Rover, Tiddles and Dudley specific.*

The deranged UK has the most pets per household in Europe, and the recent State of Nature report ranks this country as one of the most nature-depleted in the world.  Here, since 1970 wild species have declined by 19 per cent, and less than half of our remaining woodland is sustainably managed.  Inexplicably, given how much carnage they cause there is no mention of cats 'n' dogs in the report.


* Why Dudley you'll be asking.  Well, there is a something of a trend to name dogs and cats after towns in the West Midlands.  You might be hearing about this for the first time here, so be on the watch for it!  Dudley leads the pack as it’s already a male name, but Walsall, Hagley, Brum and Sutton are not far behind I’m told.  Though understandably Wolverhampton and Droitwich are nowhere near as popular which is a bit sad.

Postscript – Evidence of a trend: one Exeter vet surgery records 23 Dudleys as patients.

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