Authors: Alan Joshy, Jack Hardy, Thomas To, Tabitha Reynolds and Owain Thomas -

Why is engineering for everyone?

The brief was to answer this question through a 2-minute video that would appeal to younger audiences and capture people’s attention. Engineering is a discipline which affects the whole world around us, influencing younger audiences to be part of the ever-growing industry is increasingly important.  The team immediately started the brainstorming process and reviewing ideas and watching attempts by previous students. We decided that for our video to really capture people’s imagination, we needed to think a little out the box.

The big idea

A couple of meetings later we had everything organised; props we would need, locations to film, a full storyboard including script, and a couple of actors. The actors weren’t hard to convince, they were socks after all. Within a couple hours, we exhausted ourselves filming the production, being a sock was harder than we thought. We spent the next few days recording voice-overs, sourcing music, and editing. It’s safe to say that we would do it all again, we had plenty of laughs during the process. It was also great to see such positive reactions to it, we were absolutely thrilled to win.

Top tips for next year’s entrants

Think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to try something a bit quirky, you might end up learning new. Also, communication with your team and good organisation are always helpful, especially since the project is during the first few weeks and there are lots going on. Most importantly of all, make sure to have lots of fun making it, it’ll show on the finished product.

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  • I love this post, I am an engineering fanatic and enjoy all types from automotive, construction through to new technology. It's great to see younger people encouraging others to get involved in engineering as Britain needs young people to join an aging industry. We are crying out for young apprentices at my own cnc turning company and it seems very difficult to get young kids to knuckle down and work hard.

    Credit to you all and great work with the video!!

  • Well done! The article is very empowering. I felt so motivated to transition my path from Bharatanatyam to engineering. However i felt very demotivated when i saw the lack of proper english. The creativity was destroyed in 5 seconds. I hope your happy now that im in a mid life crisis. To the team that won!!!