Authors: Abhiroop Garg, Pablo Ochoa, Wan-Tung Tsai, Xianglong Gong, Miao Yiwei -

After graduating from an MSc course, a lot of international students face a dilemma – to look for a job in the UK or to find employment in their own country. We got in touch with some of our international MSc graduates to find out what they do now for a living.

Abhiroop Garg – is from India and studied MSc Automotive Engineering. After graduating, he found a job at Kohler Engines EMEA, Italy as a Project Engineer. He works in engine calibration for heavy-duty diesel engines and enjoys the constant research and space to innovate that his job provides.

Pablo Ochoa – is from Mexico and studied MSc Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design. After graduating he found a job with WINTECH in the UK as a Façade Engineer, providing consultancy at their different building projects across the UK.

Wan-Tung Tsai – studied MSc Innovation Technology Management and is from Taiwan. Wan-Tung now works as a Sales Engineer for Cascoda, a Fabless semiconductor company in the UK. She is doing all the promotion, demo and sales management, as well as dealing with supply chain management and CE/FCC/Thread certification, and enjoys traveling extensively for her work.

Xianglong Gong – studied MSc Electrical Power Systems and now works for the State Grid in China as an Engineer. In his job, he provides power systems maintenance and currently works on a SCADA project. He invested a lot of time and resources on overcoming challenges during his studies and learned a lot about electrical power systems.

Miao Yiwei – studied MSc Electronic System Design and now works for the Commercial Aircraft Corporation in China as a Trainee Engineer designing power units for jets. She loves working with airplanes and if she could give one piece of advice to future MSc students, it is to practice more and learn more.

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