Short but sweet: making the most of a master's year at Bath

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Author: Jasper Farren 

Although my time so far at the University of Bath has been relatively short, I have tried to make the most of the time I have spent living and studying in this wonderful city. On top of beginning a Master’s in Engineering Business Management (EBM), I have found the time to join the music society and begin playing in a band. Outside of university life, I have found Bath’s location means that I have the feeling of a quaint town whilst it is only a ten-minute train ride to the music scene and climbing gyms of Bristol.

Having come straight from my undergraduate degree to enrol in this postgraduate course, I have had the ability to closely compare the style of teaching employed in both. The staff members of the joint Engineering and Business Management and Innovation Technology Management (ITM) Master’s course have gone above and beyond to make sure that we feel less like a cohort and more like a family.

Instances such as a week-long sustainability course mid-semester was an exceptional way of putting into practise the theory that we had learnt over the previous weeks in a more real-world situation. The opportunity to do a practice track instead of a dissertation to get some hands-on experience in management is also very exciting for my career prospects. Furthermore, as the student representative for the EBM course, it is great to have to have a direct influence on improving the teaching we receive. The effort the ITM/EBM team put in to make the master’s experience unique to this course is exceptional and working with them as the course rep for EBM has been eye-opening as to how they are constantly looking to improve our student experience.

On top of the curriculum, we have received through our courses, the opportunities offered by the University of Bath has been interesting and varied. I have attended excellent extracurricular courses in subjects from agile management practises to climate literacy and had lectures from the likes of John Cleese! The time-tabled careers seminars have been very helpful in patching any gaps in our knowledge in the job-finding process, which includes one-to-one sessions with a careers manager. Overall, my brief time at the University of Bath has fulfilled my expectations for a postgraduate course, and I am looking forward to the next two semesters!

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