The First Post - 'Fresh Ed Podcast'

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There's a super weekly Educational Research podcast called; "Fresh Ed". It comes from a left-ish political perspective and it's edited by Will Brehm. Will interviews leading researchers in our field and it's always a great listen.  It's a righteous blog, and if sometimes Will's line of questioning reflects his political perspective, well, it's a podcast not a peer-reviewed paper and that makes it all the more gripping. If you drive a lot, or just spend a lot of time in a dark room with the lights off listening to podcasts in a slightly spooky way, then do give it a try and maybe sign up too.

You can quick-browse Fresh Ed episodes here. For now, Will's interviews with Bath faculty members are below. If you have an idea for an interview, Will's easily contacted at the podcast site or at his personal website; just click on 'About'.

Ioannis Costas Batlle and Aurelien Mondon; "University Strikes in the UK: Re-imagining Higher Education".

Hugh Lauder; "The End of Human Capital Theory?"

Rajani Naidoo; "Competition in Higher Education"

Robin Shields; "Reading the Social Neworks of Universities on Twitter

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