Children detained in the US; online charter schools

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Interesting FreshEd podcast episode here on how the detained children of people removed from the United States have quite irregular schooling provision. Notably, because the prison systems they're detained in are privatised, this means the childrens' education provision is too. On-line charter schools, championed by the present US Secretary for Education Betsy DeVos, seem to have stepped into the frame. And here's a paper from last year by Karen Wells in Children's Geographies which provides context for what's happening now.

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  • Interesting does this mean G4S could soon be working closely with companies like Brightribe or other MATs in the UK ? Eek.

    • Hi, Martin. Bright Tribe's mainly retired from the field now ( Interestingly, the situation arises in the UK because the detainees are a federal matter so local authorities aren't allowed to become involved in the education of the children. In the UK, where parents are detained with children, the children themselves are not detained compulsorily and in any case the local authority has fun responsibility for education. G4S do pretty well out of the restraint and removals, though.