Wellington College and England's Festival of Education

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The annual Festival of Education at Wellington College is sponsored by the Daily Telegraph. It's part of the new nexus of 'evidence-based' organisations steadily growing around schools in the independent and state academies sectors. Speakers are varied, from serious scholars to writers of educational 'pulp faction', to small INSET training organisations closely associated with ResearchED (see previous post).

Readers here may be aware of Wellington College's recent history under the headship of Sir Anthony Selden, now VC at the private University of Buckingham. Wellington has continued after his departure to encourage innovative thinking around educational practice. They have a podcast - you'll get the idea. The festival of ideas extends from that sort of thing. At £100 or so a ticket, expect to hear high-minded stuff, new pitches from salespeople/lobbyists and perhaps the odd genuinely interesting snippet from some scholar who hasn't decoded the invitation. Champagne and canapés available on tap.

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