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Author: Dr Anna Chatzimichali

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Today, I am excited to share a piece of news, one that marks a significant milestone in my career and my ongoing commitment to impactful design. I have been invited to join the Design Council's network of Experts, a vibrant community dedicated to leading change through design.

As part of the Design Council's network, I join a diverse group of passionate designers and innovators who are dedicated to shaping the future of design. Over the next three years, my role will involve working on a variety of projects aimed at influencing policy, advocating for meaningful changes, and demonstrating how design can be a pivotal force in achieving net-zero objectives. This opportunity is not just a role but a platform to influence and advocate for the principles I hold dear.

My decision to join the Design Council is rooted deeply in my conviction that design is fundamentally transformative. To me, design transcends aesthetics and functionality. It is a robust framework for problem-solving that tackles both grand challenges and everyday issues. The Design Council Expert role offers me a unique platform to scale my research and insights, extending their reach far beyond academia and making tangible contributions to real-world issues.

Collaboration is key in our efforts to advance the field. At the Design Council, I am surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the design field, all of whom bring unique perspectives and expertise. It is a collaborative environment where every day offers something new to learn.

I am particularly looking forward to the numerous opportunities this role presents to engage with other thought leaders and change-makers. We have a chance to really make a difference through our collective expertise, and I am eager to see what we can achieve together. I am excited to see where this path leads and how it will shape my contributions to our university and beyond.

Please feel free to join me in this journey—I am always open to discussing ideas, sharing insights, or just connecting to talk.

Posted in: Department of Mechanical Engineering

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