Associate Dean of Research -30 Second Update

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Professor Davide Mattia gives us a short update on what he's been up to over the last 12 months as Associate Dean of Research and what's to come:

  • We have delivered the Faculty’s submission for the REF Readiness Exercise 2 - we received the results in May and passed with flying colours
  • Introduced a pre-submission review of potential 4* publications which has been a great success so far. If you are interested, contact Ms Alison Ryan (
  • We have organised two Early Career Impact Away days where we discussed what is Impact, how to engage with industry, the public and government to disseminate knowledge and transfer technology, and how to transform these in Impact Case Studies
  • I have met with about half of the academic staff in the Faculty to discuss about Fellowships, grant applications & CDTs
  • Together with my fellow Associate Deans of Research from other Faculties and School, the Deans and the PVC-R we have peer-reviewed, shortlisted, interviewed or otherwise selected several hundreds applications, proposals and candidates for Prize Fellows, PhD studentships, Awards, grant applications, CDTs, EU grants and various Fellowships

Professor Mattia plans to:

  • Continue supporting early career researchers in their development (about 1/3 of the academic staff in the Faculty is an ECR!)
  • Set up Faculty research facilities to better support the up-keep of our research equipment

Posted in: Team updates