Preparing for the Gold Scholarship Celebration Dinner with 1st Impressions

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Last March, I worked with 1st Impressions, a women's charity which provides clothing, in order to prepare me for interviews, placement and the Gold Scholarship's Celebration Dinner held in May at the Hilton Hotel.

What is 1st Impressions?

1st Impressions is a charity run by the School of Management's staff here at the University of Bath. The charity gives support to women preparing for job interviews by providing them with suitable, professional clothing donated by other women and by building their confidence. Research finds that many candidates are turned down based on first impressions, so this charity aims to support women with looking presentable for job interviews and working towards "a world where all women have equal opportunities at interview".

The Process

Kasia in her 1stImpressions outfit, standing next to the 1stImpressions banner stand.
Kasia happy in her 1stImpressions outfit.

As a Gold Scholarship recipient, I was one of the lucky students who were given the opportunity to work with this charity. The process began with a Teams call consultation with Dr Jane Ellis-Brush, who is a co-founder of 1st Impressions. This allowed me to gain an understanding of what to expect on the day as well as to discuss what I was looking to gain from this session.

My styling event with 1st Impressions was a part of the Gold Scholarship's STEP E session. When I arrived, I was met by a friendly, welcoming team and an array of outfit options for me to try on; ranging from dresses, skirts and blouses, suits, heels and accessories. I felt that the charity truly considered what I was looking for clothing-wise, right down to the colours I preferred to wear. Trying on this selection of items and finding what worked for me made me feel so much more confident and has prepared me for the future, now I know I have one less thing to worry about when the time for interviews comes around!

For me personally, working with 1stImpressions not only prepared me for interviews and my year of placement (which I am beginning the process of applications for), but also the Gold Scholarship 1st Year Celebration Dinner.

The Celebration Dinner

Image of Gold Scholarship Celebration Dinner VenueEvery year, the Gold Scholarship Team organises a Celebration Dinner for 1st year Scholars to celebrate their achievements throughout their first year of university. This Dinner also aims to develop scholars interpersonal and networking skills by giving us the opportunity to interact with mentors, donors, staff and other scholars during a drinks reception at the Hilton Hotel. This was then followed by a wonderful three-course meal, where I was seated on a table of other 1st year scholars, members of staff, donors, a One Young World Ambassador and even Ian White, the university's President and Vice-Chancellor.

My 1st Impressions of the Gold Scholarship

Not only is the scholarship a huge financial support but an experience that I believe has alreadyImage of digital display and table setting at Gold Scholarship Year 1 Celebration Dinner opened up so many doors for me. Opportunities such as networking, receiving mentoring, aiming for 50 hours of volunteering a year, going on away-days and being a part of a community of supportive, like-minded students is something I am incredibly grateful for. Overall, the Gold Scholarship Programme is an opportunity of a lifetime and has transformed my life at university. I am looking forward to the next year and what it brings!


Posted in: Gold Community, Gold Events, Networking, Using Support at University


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