All you need to know about our E&D committee (in a bite-size blog!)

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Have you ever wondered what we're currently discussing at our Department for Health Equality & Diversity committee meetings? Well, wonder no more and take a read of our Action Notes from Equality and Diversity Meeting 24.10.17

A key development with our E&D Committee this academic year has been to reduce the number of people who need to attend, instead conserving people's energy for the activities that take place outside of the meeting room!

The current focus of the E&D committee is to implement the Action Plan that arose from our Bronze Athena SWAN award. Each member of the committee leads a specific sub-group relating to an area of the Athena SWAN framework...

  • Cassie Phoenix (staff data; writing group)
  • Emma Rich (career development)
  • Cassie Wilson (managing career breaks and flexible working)
  • Anthony Bush (student data)
  • Keith Stokes (organisation and culture)
  • Drew Toynbee (communications)

... or represent the department in some other relevant capacity. For example:

Our committee membership has been reduced, but our meetings are always open for staff and PGR students to participate in (see Dept. calendar for details; Next one 5/12/17 in 1 WN 3.20). We welcome your input!

We will continue to publish our action notes and any other documents of interest on this blog.

Please do get in touch ( with any comments or questions.

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