NIHR Partner Criteria: Non-commercial funding organisations list.

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The Department of Health has made available the list of non-commercial funding organisations that meet the NIHR Partner criteria; the criteria for the automatic eligibility of a study to be adopted onto the NIHR Portfolio include it being funded by one of these organisations:

Please note: if an organisation that funds research is not present on this list, it does not necessarily mean that a study funded by that organisation will be ineligible for Portfolio adoption. Organisations that have not yet been assessed for NIHR Partner status will be required to complete the application process. The Department of Health will not be making available a list of organisations who have failed to meet the NIHR Partner organisation criteria in the past, however.

Studies funded by overseas organisations and investigator initiated trials (commercially funded, non-commercially sponsored) will continue to be assessed on a case by case basis.

This document will be updated every two weeks by the NIHR CRN CC.

Posted in: HealthResSW