Dr Ed Keogh, from the University of Bath, on C4's Embarrassing Bodies

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BlTJxFKCYAAyXhEDr Ed Keogh, a University of Bath researcher, was on the popular Channel 4 programme discussing his research into the gender differences around pain and coping strategies.

Dr Keogh demonstrated how men and women cope differently with pain through a series of tests, ending with the presenters, Dr Christian Jessen and Dr Dawn Harper, battling it out in an ice bath to see who could withstand the pain for the longest (pictured).

Dr Keogh said: “We know that the impact of pain can be widespread. The more we understand about how people experience pain, the better mechanisms we can put in place to help people cope.”

You can catch this episode of Embarrassing Bodies, which aired on Tuesday 15th April at 8pm, here.

Posted in: HealthResSW