Challenging Privilege

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Late last year, I interviewed Dr. Aurelien Mondon, Senior Lecture in PoLIS and the Director and Co-Founder of global underwater adventure apparel company Fourth Element, about the concept of privilege.

In this brave conversation, the notion of privilege is explored as Jim and Aurelien self-reflected on their successes and the role privilege has played within this. This often highly emotive topic is navigated with sensitivity and openness, and that tackles how privilege is often internalised as the norm by majority groups. The interview uncovers how both took time to see and appreciated their privilege, and how they now use their privileged position to raise the voice, profiles, and opportunities of others and as Aurelien points out, often pay treason to their privilege, as it is the only way that genuine change can happen.

Please watch with an open mind and heart.

Posted in: Privilege


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