Faculty of Science, Study Year Abroad Poster Event – 29th November 2017

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“Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind”; so said Seneca, and what better way to put this to the test than by embarking on a study year abroad?

Students from the Faculty of Science came together on 29 November to exchange their tales and experiences gained during a study period abroad as part of their undergraduate courses.

With a plethora of destinations to choose from; from the far west corner of Canada, to the vineyards of South Africa, Helsinki, Finland to Christchurch, New Zealand, our students have broadened their horizons both physically and metaphorically.

The Study Year Abroad Poster Event

For the second year running the Faculty of Science, along with the International Mobility Office, held the Study Year Abroad Poster Event, giving returning students a chance to share their experiences with students hoping to undertake a similar adventure next year.

Students are asked to design a poster reflecting their year abroad, highlighting social and cultural events, as well as details of their studies and research. 11 students exhibited their posters in 1 South and were keen to share their tips on how to make the most of their forthcoming opportunities.

Students' enthusiasm shone through as they spoke of adapting to new surroundings and new cultures (often having to learn new languages), all seeing their experiences as positive and rewarding. Some did face challenges at different points of their visits, others discovered teaching and learning methods to be quite different to those of the University of Bath, but all unanimously enthused over the benefits, both personal and academic, of their study years abroad.

The poster entries were judged by Dr Randolf Kohn, Senior Lecturer for the Department of Chemistry, as well as the departmental exchange coordinator for Chemistry and Natural Sciences. After careful consideration, he awarded the winning prize to Lydia Davidson, student of BSc Physics, who spent a valuable two semesters at the Université de Bordeaux, France. The highlights of her year? Improving her French, rollerblading with the locals and attending the International Comics Festival in Angoulême… and working very hard at her Physics, of course!

The event was deemed a great success – especially with the arrival of pizza for all!

See photos of the poster event.

Study years abroad in 2018/19

For those students interested in undertaking their study year abroad next academic year 2018/19, application forms and notes are available from your Departmental exchange coordinator or via the International Mobility Office (mobilityoffice@bath.ac.uk).

Applications for the first round closed on December 14th, however any remaining places may be available early 2018 for any other students from Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Physics, who would like to apply.

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