Doris Day or Pre-determinism?

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Perhaps not an expected choice of words or theory to start off a new science related blog.

In fact it could be considered the antithesis of scientific endeavour, requiring one to suspend the normal proof based machinations of science to embrace the unprovable.

So are we limited to just accepting what happens, happens or do we go with whatever happens or will ever happen is all part of some great cosmological conundrum, of which the details are unknown to us?

Don’t give up reading just yet – it does get better.

Doris made some lovely movies, sang some wonderful songs and danced around some sunny colonnades, whilst looking like a million dollars - and you could be certain of leaving the cinema, very probably feeling way happier about life than when you went in. (I still channel my inner Doris Day when no ones looking)

But Doris’s impact on future scientific endeavours I’m very much less certain about. However at some point I will be returning to the role that some Hollywood stars have had in science at some later date.

So I will limit myself to the very briefest of forays into pre-determinism, and state that I believe I was born to be a science technician.

Whilst looking at how one becomes what we become, we can also knock “Nurture” on the head. None of my siblings or parent/s, or “caregivers” (an awful word if ever there was one) showing the least interest in the world of “what makes things work”

So there must exist somewhere, the mysterious T – gene or perhaps more precisely the I (Inquisitive) gene.

So perhaps its Nature, masquerading as a little bit of pre-determination after all? - an abundant  expression of the product of the T-or I gene?

But zipping forward several decades we arrive at the present day.

Older, wider (yes, wider) and joining the ranks of the old technical grey beards, now called upon to scatter the occasional pearl of wisdom before uppty young technicians, and then wheeled out when the Sun is warm enough, blanket across knees, in a chair to mutter with other grey beards about the good old days of Science support; floating in baths of mercury, washing hands in benzene, using unguarded X-ray tubes.

Perhaps there would actually be more grey beards around if we hadn’t indulged in the aforementioned activities?

Well you can definitely scratch that last paragraph. Older, wider, and grey bearded yes. But ready for the compost heap?  Not a bit of it.

Everyday still brings the opportunity to learn something new and to continue the fun, and occasional exasperation of supporting a wide variety of scientific endeavours and technical challenges.

I hope to share some of these assorted and interesting episodes, both old and new, as this blog develops.

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