Hate Crime Awareness Training with the Diversity Trust

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On the 5 July Kaleidoscope will be collaborating with The Diversity Trust. They will be arriving at the university to deliver an interactive Hate Crime Awareness Training Workshop.

The Diversity Trust are a non-profit organisation based in Bristol. They are at the forefront of social change, providing free training to organisations in every sector. This particular training will be delivered in partnership with SARI (Stand Against Racism and Inequality).

The interactive session will be 2 hours long and will focus on creating understanding around the impact of hate crime, allowing the participants to become aware of best practice. There will also be training around local support systems and tools for tackling hate crime.

Although this will be a slightly different tone to the previous events with Kaleidoscope, we believe that this is a really important opportunity for growth and learning.

The workshop will take place on campus at 5:30pm on 5 July.

Places are limited, so book yours now.

For more information please email: lgbt-staff@bath.ac.uk

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