Keith Brown

I am a Learning Technologist at the University of Bath. Although my primary role relates to teaching and learning for existing and prospective students, I also get involved with promoting research and the departmental twitter feed and blog. An overarching theme for me is exploiting mobile technology, and they call me the App-Man! My interest with apps started in September 2011 when I came across Phonegap. in particular I was interested in developing apps that could run on both Android and iOS with the same source code. Since then I have created a number of apps for various applications. Recently, I have become interested in Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) where the educational content is generated by final year students and delivered in the form of apps. My background is with IT systems development (front and back-end) and also with Technology Enhanced Learning. With a portfolio of programs and apps, and over 20 years of programming experience, I have been involved with project management and coding of mostly pharmacy-oriented national systems such as National Drug Dictionary App Projects for commercial clients including AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Capsugel, Pharmaceutical Press, Penwest, Varian & WHO National CPD Recording System used by all Pharmacists in UK National Adverse Drug Reporting software for UK, Australia and Saudi Arabia MiDatabank – a UK National system for Hospitals to record Medicines Information enquiries. Also used extensively in Australia and the Middle East. Training and eLearning materials for the NHS PCCAL – Educational software for undergraduates used by hundreds of universities across the globe

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